Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Want to hang out tonight?"

Yeah, that's the text I got from this super hot guy I've been crushing on.

Wait, what?  Dang, you got me.  That was a lie.  For which I apologize.  Sorry to let you down, but that text was from Spanks, who I haven't even seen since FRIDAY, guys!  She sure knows how to get me when I'm weak (no, but really, I was pretty hungry when I got that text...I'm running out of food--I'm getting close to that part where I eat saltines for breakfast because for some reason I always have saltines...don't ask me why).

Anyway, I hadn't seen her since Friday when we hung out at the Mortuary (that's a whole other story...) except for when she called me at work yesterday, which was a little weird because I actually missed the call(s)--she called three times...class five clinger in the making??--so I called her back, not knowing that she was the one who called and then I was so focused on the way she said, "Student Services, this is Rachel" that I didn't even notice that she had said Rachel and so I really didn't realize who it was even while she was saying she wanted to speak to my manager because she was mad or something and I suddenly got a little nervous and panicked for a second before I realized it was just her.  Oh man, I'm on such a tangent right now.


So I'm like, yeah we can totally hang out tonight even though we all know you just want to use me for my food and my internet (no, but really).  Ha, okay, maybe those weren't the only reasons, but they were definitely contributing factors.

So we walked home together after work holding hands, and we even brought the Firebolt (her pink bike with the new, squishy seat!) and I told her that sometimes I still think I live too far away from campus even though I honestly think I might live in the closest complex to campus and that's not even a slight exaggeration.  She told me about the Mickey Mouse room in the JFSB.  Don't tell me it wasn't romantic.

Then we were at my apartment and she used my computer and did the usual--check her google reader, check facebook, change my status, looked at the Bachelorette site, etc. while I made dinner.  Then we watched an episode of Bones, ate dinner, and then went to sit on the porch, which might be my favorite part about this apartment.

From there, things just got crazy.  It was hilarious, but if you were watching, you probably wouldn't have thought it was that hilarious.  It was mostly just insane.

Opera singing. Southern/British accents. Yahtzee. Remembering that make out couple at Lib Square and how we watched them for a good 45 minutes. Where was the dishwasher at that apartment?  Remember when you made this face? I just wanted my cheetos. Yahtzee. Is his shirt pink? Bada bing, bada booyah.  Most awkward face. Yahtzee. Speeeedy (that poor cat comes up in almost every conversation and I don't even feel bad about it).  The first time I made out with a tree. Yawning. Yahtzee.  Yawning antelope.  "I feel beeep!" Did you just see those two girls come out of the same apt?  I'll take care of them. Yahtzee.

Let me just sum it up with this, which she she did voluntarily by the way.  That should give you an idea of how crazy things were getting.



Mom said...'s just a guess, but I'm thinking that the Yahtzee you're talking about is not the same game of Yahtzee that I'm thinking about. Just a guess though...

ken said...

This post is a LIE! We watched the rugby game together on Saturday. And...oh wife thinks she's a cat. That would explain the hairball in my face when I woke up ;)

Stacy said...

Good point, Kenneth. I completely forgot about that...oh well, it was still a million years ago. But you have to admit, the rest wasn't a lie...especially the part about her being a cat. ha.

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