Sunday, April 24, 2011

Separation Anxiety.

I'll be the first to admit.  I sort of have a problem.  And that problem is my dang eyelashes.

As I was packing to move out of my last apartment, I found all of these.  In addition, I had thrown away about five already that week.  And in addition to that, Catie found two more in the hour after this picture was taken.  I'm so lame.  It's just that when I buy a new mascara, I don't want to throw away the last one because what if there's still a little bit left in it?  And plus, sometimes it's nice to have one that's not quite so juicy because they help to separate the lashes instead of just clumping them together.  And then somehow that old tube sticks around even after I've bought another new tube. So there's a method to this madness, because let's be honest. Having 20+ tubes of mascara is straight up madness.  To my credit, this is probably collected over the past 3 years, but still.  I need an intervention or something.

Is there anything that you have way too much of?

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Keisha said...

some might argue that i have too many socks, okay mainly just my lovely fiance, but let's be honest here... I could never have too many socks. :)