Friday, March 4, 2011

Jelly Bean.

To Jalyn's great dismay, Jimmer is mentioned more times than her on this blog.  I'm here to set that straight.

My little sister Jelly, sometimes referred to as Jalyn, likes to eat jelly whenever possible.  Jelly is probably Jalyn's favorite food in the world.  Why does Jalyn love jelly, you ask?  Well, let me tell you a little something about Jalyn (Jelly).  She just loves her jelly.  Jelly makes her tummy happy when no other jelly-loving person can.  Plus, Jelly thinks that jelly give her vitamins and nutrients, but let's be honest: jelly is just an excuse for Jalyn to eat sugar in its most delicious form.

Another thing about Jalyn is that she loves to eat jelly beans.  Unfortunately for Jalyn, those jelly beans give her strange bowel movements like normal beans do to normal people.  But then, you have to remember, Jelly is not your normal Jelly.  She's a jelly and jelly bean-loving Jelly who some people call Jalyn.

Don't tell Jelly, but the Creamery is having a sale on her favorite jelly-filled donuts!  Jalyn can't get enough of those jelly-filled donuts!  Jelly makes Jalyn go a little jelly (I bet you didn't even know you could describe Jalyn with the world jelly, but let me tell you--Jalyn is so jelly when she gets those jelly-filled donuts.

And don't even get me started on Jalyn and her jelly roll pan.  Sometimes Jalyn likes to bake her jellyfish on her jelly roll pan...well, Jalyn used to, anyway.  That was before Jalyn was stung by an army of jellyfish when she was out swimming in the Jelly Sea.

Even though that jellyfish-filled experience was a little traumatizing for Jalyn, she has soldiered on.  Jalyn has gone on to invent the most delicious jellyfish jelly recipe (which is obviously cooked on a jelly roll pan).

Oh, Jalyn.  I hope you know I find you slightly more entertaining than Jimmer.  Also, I hope this makes it so you'll actually read my blog instead of just searching for posts using the words "Jalyn" or "Jelly".

Ctrl+F that one, homie.



Mom said...

Hmmm...I think Jalyn needs a blog so that she can "respond" with her own perceptions of her silly sister!

Mykel LeCheminant said...

LOVE it! Wow Jalyn - didn't know you loved ALL things Jelly. And by the way...I totally want one of those basketball shirts!