Friday, January 28, 2011

You Got Jimmered.

"Undefeated Aztecs?  That's Ancient History."

"20-0?  Fredette About It."

"You Got Jimmered."

"Follow the Jimmer, He Knows the Way."

So yesterday was game day.  Biggest game of the year.  Biggest game of the conference.  Two top ten teams.  #4 SDSU v. #9 BYU.

BYU did this mildly obnoxious thing in which students could come to the Marriot Center the day before (Tuesday) to get a wristband, which would then guarantee that they would have a seat.  This was to start at noon, immediately after the devotional.  While I wasn't up there, I'm sure there were tons of people just milling around waiting for devotional to end so they could get in line.  I kind of feel bad for the speaker...Anyway, I had to, had to, had to go to my class at noon that day so I could learn dumb SPSS programming junk.  I was pretty bummed.  Then I had to go right back to work to cover a shift, so my hopes of getting a wristband slowly (no, quickly) diminished.  There were only 5000 student seats, and I kept getting emails telling me how many wristbands had been given out.

I spent the rest of the day just being jealous of those dang green wristbands.  So jealous.  Like, green with envy jealous.  I may or may not have attempted to rip wristbands off of people (this was before my parole officer came and played babysitter...that guy doesn't know how to have any fun...).

Wednesday came and I had given in to the fact that I would be watching the game in the Wilk with all the other lame faces that couldn't get wristbands.  Again, I had to work the afternoon shift, so there was no hope of me being able to go to the Marriot early to get even the last ticket.

After work, I studied and took a test, then went to the Wilk to wait for Keech to come and meet me.  At about 7:30 she called me and said that Landon (her lover) had just called her and told her that there were totally still seats and that he would save some for us.  So I immediately ran up there and lo and behold, there were seats!  I guess people just assumed there wouldn't be any spots left (oh wait, that was me).  I was STOKED.  Okay, so maybe we were in the second to last row, but still.  I was at the game!

And let me tell you something.  Best. Game. Ever.  It was close the entire first half, but Jimmer.  Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer.


"Announcers are constantly referencing deep shots as being from “Jimmer range.’’ If someone goes for monster numbers, he is pulling a “Jimmer.”

[A team that plays ] BYU is no longer just beaten. It is “Jimmered.”

All across the country, Jimmer has become a new term. It means star.

In April, it might also mean national player of the year."

Serioulsy, best game I've every been to.  Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer.  Take us to the Final Four.  Please?

43 points against the #4 team?

I'm just sayin'...


Mom said...

Definitely the BEST game ever!!!! Love your post (I am so happy that I figured out how to be notified by email when you write...I will now be your best fan!:))

Anne said...

i vote for him as your future husband.