Friday, January 21, 2011

One Track Mind.

I'm so ashamed of myself.

I walked into work today and remembered that it is Peggy's birthday, so we were going to have donuts to celebrate.  I'm pretty sure the second I saw those donuts, they were all I could think about.  They sat on Sue's desk and all I could do was smell them.

Why didn't we just eat them, you ask?  Let me tell you.

When it's someone's birthday in our office, we try to have all the people who work in the department office there to sing happy birthday.  Things would get a little weird if it was just Sue and me. ("Um, you start us off, Stacy."  "Uhhh, Haaaaaappy Birthday to youuu!")  I don't know, I can just see that being awkward for all parties involved, especially the professors who are quietly leaning back in their chairs to look out their office doors to see what animals were creating those sounds.

So anyway, we needed Sue, me, Marcia, Janet, Wayne, Dr. Goates, Dr. Woolley, and Dr. Burton.

8:15. The plan is to sing and EAT THE DONUTS at 9.

8:45. Oh wait, Wayne teaches until 9, so we'll do it at 9:15.

Stop it.  You're kidding me, right?  Do you not see me drooling over those donuts?

8:50. Janet has to leave at 10:10, so we should try to do it before then.

9: 05. Dr. Burton has an appointment at 10.  Can we try and do it at 9:30?

9:15 comes and goes.  Does anyone know where Wayne is?

9: 35. Oh, didn't you hear?  He's subbing for Dr. Asplund until 9:50.  Oh, and he's in the Clyde Building, i.e., not close.

Why did no one tell us?  I'm tired of sniffing sugar.  I just want to EAT IT.

9: 40. Okay, well let's see...if Wayne gets back before 10, then we can do it before Dr. Burton has his meeting.

9: 41. If he doesn't then we'll have to wait until 10:35 when Janet gets back and Dr. Burton is done with his meeting.

But what if his meeting goes long???

9: 50. Okay, but Dr. Goates has to leave at 11, so we really need to do it before then.

Excellent, because I have to leave at 11 and did I mention I WANT A DONUT?

9:52.  I'm sitting there, hoping Wayne will hurry up and get back.  I am seriously so embarrassed by how focused I was on those dang donuts.  I reeeeeeeally wanted one.

9:58. Marcia informs us that she sees Wayne coming down the hallway.  Gather the troops.  Sue, you get the donuts.  Stacy, call Dr. Goates, and Dr. Woolley.  We have to hurry because Dr. Burton has that appointment at 10.

Why, why, why? have I not memorized their extensions?  This is an urgent matter.  Dial faster!

10:00.  Okay, everyone's here.  Quick, sing happy birthday.

10:01.  Wait, did anyone notice that Dr. Burton was on the phone the whole time?

Seriously, guys?  All that craziness and we didn't even have everyone.  And who is that random chick?  Seriously though, why are you here? No, but really, some random girl joined us AND she even took a donut.  Um, rude.  Do you not see me wearing my "I love donuts" shirt?

I took the biggest donut I could see and tried to feel bad about it, but I totally didn't.

I need to make a friend or something.


Jessica said...

hey so i don't have fbook right now so i am going to pretend this is your wall. my teacher pulled up the wrong roll for english the other day and i saw a Peter LeCheminant. i know that it's as common as Smith (not) but do you know him?

Stacy said...

Why yes, jskankey, I do know that person! That's my cousin! Too bad he's not actually in your class or else I'm sure you'd have a new best friend!

kateshrewsday said...

LOL Stacey, I have been there, Thank God someone else out there has my patience span, it makes me feel soooooo much better...