Monday, January 31, 2011

"This Game is Stupid."--Dad.

Aight.  Let's rewind.  Christmas break.  I had a most excellent time with the fam.  ("Is this the fam?"--name that movie).

Jakey got some video games for Christmas, right?  I know what you're thinking...LeCheminant family?  Video games?  Wha?!?!?!!!  No way.  That's never happened before...ever.  Ever ever ever. So this was mildly to moderately monumental.

One of those games was Mario Kart for the Wii.  Now, if any of you remember back to my younger years when I was a freshman in college, you would know that I was kind of the champion of my apartment complex at Mario Kart on the N64.  And by champion, I mean the kind of champion that repeatedly runs into walls and gets turned around without even knowing it, and what the heck!  Where did that giant snapping dogfish come from?!?! So, you can probably tell that I'm really good.  But really, I've improved.

Jakey loved it and was playing it pretty much the entire break when he wasn't entranced by the beauty of my face.  Sometimes, I would even let him play with me, and if he got lucky, I'd let him win sometimes....but only sometimes.  Sometimes we would get four people to play at the same time.  It was nice when Jelly would play because then I would appear to have at least some talent...but not much.  But what was really fun, and I mean really fun, was when mom would play.  Let's just say that game was meant for her.  Let's also say that I am my mother's daughter.  It was never actually her fault if something went wrong or she got turned around, or there is no freaky deakin' way I can be in 12th place, I haven't hit a wall or fallen off a cliff in at least 10 seconds! It's a little amusing because she would jerk around from side to side quite abruptly and dramatically in an attempt to keep Mario on the track (with a success rate of about 10%).  Hi.Larious.

Then there's my dad who, for the record, despises Wii Fit. "That soccer game thing is stupid.  It's just plain stupid.  I'm moving side to side, but it's not hitting the soccer ball.  This isn't how it would be in real life! {10 seconds of silence} Let me try again."

Many a late night was had in which the four youngins would race each other in Mario Kart, only to be repeatedly beaten by Tom and Jake.  But, I'll be honest, they were pretty nice and would let us be on their team sometimes ("I don't know why we keep letting Jalyn be on our team."  "Who got zero points?  Oh, dang it....Jalyn.")

Lots of screaming and yelling at a television screen equates to a most excellent evening in the LeCheminant home.

"Where am I!?"--Mom.

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Mom said...

Okay, yeah...I wasn't going to comment...but I also tried the "soccer game thing" for the first time the other night--I have to agree with dad. 0 points first round, 9 the second (Jake 500 pts...just showing me how it's supposed to be done). Note: no sour grapes or anything over it...grrr.

Soccer shoes constantly hitting me in the head...yeah, well, makes it hard to concentrate (and get points).