Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scriff Scraff

Last night, I made dinner and because no one else was home, for a while it was just Rachel and me sitting at the dinner table.  She updated me on her life while I listened...just the way I like it.  We talked for a while and then while I was eating my dinner I was telling her about how I had made the dinner recipe up that very day.  We decided it should be named.  Titles including the words "dandruff" and "mish mash" came up, but the winner was Scriff Scraff, a now world-famous recipe. Duh.

Apparently the phrase "scriff scraff" makes Rachel think of  "riff raff" which obviously makes her think of that song from Aladdin.  Being Rachel, she immediately broke out into a completely serious rendition of that song.  Much twirling and various ballet poses were included.  She was doing a pretty job of keeping a straight face (not one of her greatest talents) even as I yelled at her as loudly and abrasively as possible.  So there she was, singing and twirling as best as Rachel can (which, let's be honest...) and I was yelling and screaming and booing, making as much of a ruckus as possible when all of a sudden she kicked the couch or something.  She lost it for a minute, but guys, you know someone is a truly talented performer when they just keep going, regardless of the fact that they have lost a shoe or the fact that their audience is still dying of laughter.

True talent.

These moments are the ones that I'm going to miss more than anything when she goes off and gets married in, oh yeah, ten days.

Stoked for you, girl, but Kenneth better know S&R time is never, ever going to be discontinued.  He should also know that S&R time is terribly loud and out of control and often includes a lot of improv acting (well, duh.  If you put one unbelievably talented actress (me) and one moderately talented actor (you) together, improv is bound to come bursting out).  And make sure he knows that yes, the same exact jokes that have been used hundreds (literally) of times over the years will be used over and over for decades to come.  Hey now, they're winners.  Why would we ever stop using them?

P.S. Every time I check my phone, there had better be "fourteen missed calls" from you or you'll be headed for the chokey.  nbd.

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Rachel said...

This seriously made my day. Thanks for the shout out, smelly cat. Can't wait to see you soon, shnooky okkky okums. :)