Friday, December 31, 2010

Lucked Out

I lucked out.  Over and over and over.  I seriously live with my best friends.  I love love love my roommates.  With the exception of one rough summer, I've had the most perfect roommates (fortunately, I still had Rach during that unique summer.)

Side note: words in italics are words that could be replaced my slightly more appropriate, slightly less gentle words--but I'll refrain.

Anyway, as usual, we took roommate pics.  We didn't have someone with actual photographing skills take them this semester, but I must say, boy Ken did a most excellent job.  With a little editing {by me!} I present you with:

The Girls in 12--Fall 2010

Stace, Keech, Girl Ken, Racha, Catie, and Spanks.

 Note: Boy Ken is not actually one of our roommates--well, I guess he's Spanky's roommate now, but...

I love every minute of every day I get to spend with these girls.

Here's to hoping these friendships stay strong and last forever.

pure happiness.

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