Saturday, December 11, 2010

Git 'Er Done

I'm getting ready for finals.  First of all, I'm super jealous of all the people who are already done with their finals--Matthew, Annie, Kak...rude.  I'm getting all kinds of crazy as I try to get ready.

I have been facebook-free for almost four days.  It's embarrassing how impressive that is.  It's not even that bad.  I mean, sometimes I have the urge to get on, but seriously, it's just a time-waster.  So for the thousands of people who await my every facebook move, you'll just have to wait five more days.

Yes, that's right.  Five more days.  Because I am going to be done with my finals by Thursday evening.  There is absolutely no way I'm dragging it out any longer than that.  I really wanted to be done by Wednesday, and I've tried and tried to make it work, but my schedule is just not going to allow it.  Lame.

Also, I haven't watched Bones since before Thanksgiving break.  Folks, it's killing me.  Fav show, and I am showing some serious self-control right now.  It will just have to wait until after finals.  Booth and Brennan, only a few more days and we shall reunite.

So, I've tried to eliminate a lot of my usual distractions, and it's working, for the most part.  Google Reader is still there, and I probably check it more than I should.  I'm also writing on my blog a little bit more frequently than usual to fill up some of the  I shouldn't.  Also, Racha has been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately.  Such the temptation.  Seriously, Lorelei Gilmore is the funniest person I know.  If I could be even half as witty as her, I would consider myself to be an absolute success.  Seriously, though.

Okay, I need to focus now.  I just want to say this:  I am eating a cheddar cheese bagel with turkey, cheddar cheese and cream cheese on it.  It is delightful.  The cream cheese was a last-minute decision, and oh my.  I am doing it always now.  It is spectacular.

Aight.  Finals.  Study.  Now.  I'm out.

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