Friday, November 26, 2010

As of Late

So, as it turns out, I usually blog when I'm at school.  That means I usually just get the pics for my posts from facebook.  Unfortunately, that means some gems get left out.  Some real gems.  I just thought that should be noted.

The following is an overview of what has been going down in the life of me.

I don't think I ever properly blogged about Ricky's wedding.  Well, Ricky got married.  Rach, Racha, and I were on our way up there so we would get there in time to see her come out of the temple.  We were about five or six minutes away when Keech calls us and is like, "Um, where are you guys?!  People are starting to come out...she'll be out any minute now!"  Freak.  Pedal to the metal, or is it medal?  I've never thought about that...Anyway, pedal to the whate'er.  We were seriously bookin' it up there.  There was much yelling and freaking out and panic.  We pulled into the parking lot, parked in the first parking spot available, got out, and RAN.  It had to have been such the hilarious sight.  Three girls running in dresses and heels up a hill, yelling as they go, racing around the corner to where a giant crowd awaited.  We made it.  We could breathe, be calm, relax.  She hadn't come out yet.

In fact, she didn't come out for another 20 or 30 minutes.

Good times.

On our way back to Keisha's before the luncheon, I called shotgun.  Racha decided that instead of sitting in the back for the two minute car ride, she would instead just sit on my lap.  A bad idea if there ever was one.

The rest of the day was splendid.  Fabulous lunch, although they did make us wait FOREVER to have it...then we had to wait until our table's turn and we were like the third to last table.  Rude.  I may or may not have told everyone at my table that I was going to the bathroom and instead just got in line.  Don't care.

The reception was delightful, the wedding video was splendid.  Twas a jolly good day.  Plus!  I got to see all my freshman roommates over the course of that day.

Okay, what else...ah, yes.
People have been sleeping.

Other people have been sleeping...

...and other people have been sleeping.

Please note the common member of all these sleeping pictures...I'm just sayin'.

Much wedding planning has been going on around here.  Rach and boy Ken are getting it all figured out.  The rest of us are totally willing to give moral support...and look at wedding magazines.

I'm mildly embarrassed by the fact that we really do have three copies of that magazine, as well as multiples of others.  It's bad.

We went and blew stuff up again on Halloween!  Good times were had by all.  Rach had such a good time that she thought it would be a nice idea to light people on fire.  No, but really.

Harry Potter!  I'd never been to a midnight showing...I'm not saying I would ever do it again, but I did have an excellent time.  It was decided that we would all dress up, and being me, I still had no idea what I would dress up as when everyone else was starting to get their costumes ready.  I turned to Keish, Ken, Racha, and Les to help me figger it out.  Ideas were tossed around until a consensus was reached.  The my stylists got to work.  Les and Ken did my hair and the outfit was courtesy of Ken...and yes, she wears all that stuff on normal days.

It occurred to me when we got to the theater that I probably should have been way more embarrassed.  Ah, well.  I think I pull off a very nice Trelawney.

Last Saturday was the last home football game.  Sad day.  We won though!  I love hanging out with my friends at those games...this last game, I received lots of advice and suggestions from them regarding my crazy life... :)  (For the record, lately I have been obsessed with the smiley and frowny's so weird.  I used to hate them.  I feel so liberated).

Well, just one other thing should be noted.

...Rachel still smokes weed.  No surprise there.

My life is excellent.


Rachel said...

Pahahaha. I am so glad that that pic made it into your post . . . pause not. :) ->Yeah, they are really fun!

Keisha Hendricks said...

hey girl, love the numerous shout outs to me, though you talk as if my sleeping habit is a bad thing. i honestly think that sleep is very beneficial to my very productive life. :) (no matter where, or in what position the sleeping takes place in.) also, sad that hermoine didn't make it into any of your H.P. pics. i guess i just looked a whole lot better than you fools. :)