Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Table

First of all, my mom just told me that the day my little sister moved out, they took the leaf out of the kitchen table.  Can you believe it?  My family uses one of those small family tables now!  I can't even picture what it looks like.  Yes, that's right.  My family is down to four people at home.  Crazy.

Thomas sent me an email with an actual conversation my small family had at dinner today.  Conversations like this make me miss my family, but are always blog-worthy.

Note: Names are changed to protect the innocent.

-Dad: Thomas, you don’t have to name any names, but do you think anyone in the stake is attractive?

-Thomas: Yes.

-Dad: We already know who Jake likes, right?

-Thomas: Does she have an iPad?

(Just a little background info, Jake likes Mallory, and their family has an iPad. Mallory has a sister named Melissa and a baby brother named Mark)

-Jake: Technically it isn’t hers.

-Mom: Is it Mallory or Melissa?

-Thomas: Or Mark?

-Jake: No! Why would he have an iPad!?!


Matt & Mykel said...

So the first time I came out to the LeCheminant Territory of Santa Rosa...There were so many people eating dinner that we had the dinner table maxed out as far as size was concerned, a card table on the end, and a piano bench since all the seats were already taken - Now that's the kinda family dinner I'm talkin' about! Plus, I could really use one of those dinner conversations about now...te he..

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! and Love you!