Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Life is Most Excellent

I am having a most excellent day. 

1.  I woke up five minutes earlier than I usually do.
2.  Work was fabulous--all the faculty and staff got cool new calendars.  Since Dr. Bronson has double records or something (one from when he was a student, and one as a professor) so he always gets two of everything from BYU.  That meant I got his extra calendar!  I also felt very useful, knowledgeable and appreciated.
3.  I talk to my T.A. today about our mutual love for A Fine Frenzy.
4.  I dozed off once and only for a minute in D&C class today.  I swear, he must have a nice soothing voice or something, because it gets me every time.  I never fall asleep in any of my other classes...
5.  My book was ready for me at the bookstore.
6.  I totally understood my finance homework.
7.  Had my T.A. check my finance homework.  She was wearing Coach shoes.  I just don't understand the logic behind those.  They're not really that cute if you ask me.
8.  Came to the library, to my new favorite section--Social Sciences!
9.  Tried to plow through my google reader--I'm getting so behind!  It's probably because I get a little embarrassed by how many wedding blogs I have...
10.  Then Rachel came over and we were looking at them together.
11.  Me and Rachel are the same person.  It's a little disturbing.
12.  I'm so on top of my homework, it's not even funny.
13.  I just have and hour and a half of reading left to do and then I get to go home!
14.  I'm making chicken alfredo for dinner.
15.  It's going to be a brilliantly fabulous night.
16.  Also, have I every mentioned that I LOVE my roommates?  Gosh, it's ridiculous. Quote from last night during a completely normal and very casual conversation:
     Catie: "Stacy, I never realized you're left-handed."
     Kennedy: "You know, in the olden days, we would have burned you."

Life is good.  Super good.

"You are really and quite completely in control of those things of most importance."--Cecil.

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Matt & Mykel said...

SWEEET! I'm so glad everything is going so swell! You're prompt. You're brilliant. You have a new book. You get Chicken Alfredo for dinner. You're hot. You're loved. I agree about the coach shoes...unfortunate mistake :)