Saturday, May 1, 2010

99 Cents Worth of Fun

Let me break it down for you.

You thought my day was going pretty well when I left you yesterday, didn't you?  Well, let me tell you something.  It only got better from there.

Soon after I posted my last blog, Katie and Leslie came over.  We played can phone for a while (not very successful, I might add...or at least Katie was not very successful) then decided to go get the UNLIMITED DESSERT BAR at Sizzler's.  Can I just say that the dessert bar has got to be the most brilliant idea ever concocted in the history of mankind?  Because it is.  It's 99 cents.  99 CENTS, PEOPLE.  It's even better when  Katie has a gift card there for 5 dollars.

So, we went and picked up Ken, then headed over to Sizzler. The drive there in and of itself could have satisfied me as far as entertainment for the night.

"Hey look! We could stay at the Travelodge!"
"And then eat at Los 3 Amigos!"
"I want to live in that house! It's so cute!"
"Let's go to the Jiffy Lube!"
"Let's follow that horse trailer!"
"Look at that house! It's so cute!"
"We're taking the scenic route to Sizzler!"
"I don't know why we keep talking about Jesse Foster Thomas."

"I'm scared of those guys."
"Oh come on, they're white."
"Katie is not attracted to them."

"Ooh!  Look at that house!  I want to live in it!"
"Leslie, you can only have one house at a time."
"Not if you're rich!"

We finally made it to Sizzler.  After waiting in such the long line--"Hey you guys, should we let these people go in front of us?  They have kids." "Pfffft.  Yeah, right.  I have kids, too."--we finally purchased our dessert bars! (Note:  Ingenious plan--have Leslie be the only one to bring any money.)

We then waited in line to be seated.  We didn't want to have any servers, so we told Devree (one of the chicks that seats people).  She was like, "You guys are just here for the dessert bar?" "Yeah, what's wrong with that?"  "Oh gosh, go ahead."

But then she left us and didn't get us a table.  So we had no choice but to nab our own.  We then piled our bowls high with huge amounts of soft serve ice cream on top of a brownie with butterfinger bits, oreos, hot fudge...the works.  Except here's tip:  Put the butterfingers and oreos on after the ice cream.  It's a little bit hard to mix up when it's between the brownie and the ice cream.  But don't worry, I perfected it on my second or third try.  It was also nice because if your ice cream to brownie or topping ratio was off, it didn't matter.  You could just fix it on your next round.  Tell us we're brilliant.

There was one weird thing.  I got an ice cream cone just to eat plain and it smelled funny.  I thought it smelled like fish.  Leslie said it smelled like chicken wings.  The clam chowder and oyster crackers sitting next to the cones may or may not have had something to do with it.

Side note:  If the soup and spaghetti and meatballs are in the same place as the dessert, does it come with the dessert bar as well?  Rachel was seriously debating this.

Carlos, one of the servers, kept trying to offer to help us (we all know he just wanted a tip...I felt kind of bad after a while, I mean, we did just kind of take a table without asking anyone and we were definitely not planning on tipping anyone, so we tried to avoid having anyone serve us...)  He offered to get us water, but all we wanted was another chair because the four-person booth didn't fit three people very nicely on one side.  He kindly brought us one.

I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time...since lunch, to be precise.  We kept going off of the most random topics, making up stories about what Carlos thought of us and so much more.  After a while, Devree came up to us and she too offered to get us some water.  This time Leslie and Ken gave in.  When she came back, she offered to bring us some toast because "it too was free."  What, do we look like a bunch of freeloaders or something?  Because we totally are...and we gladly accepted the toast. When she went to get it, we saw her talking to her fellow workers, who consequently looked at us and laughed.  What?  Are we not normal or something?  Sheesh.  The toast was quite delicious.  She chatted with us some more, and then told us that she had never seen anyone fit five people into a two-person booth.

Hold up.


This is a two-person booth?  We thought it was a four person booth.  We busted up upon hearing that.  This whole time we hadn't even noticed that all the other booths of similar size only had two people in them.  No wonder it had been a tight squeeze.  That put us on to another round of laughter, and I think by this point all of us had side aches.  Carlos came back after a while and we joked with him about how we hadn't realized this booth was only supposed to fit two people.  He noticed that Ken and Les had water, to which he feigned hurt feelings because they would take water from Devree but not from him.  We tried to console him, but I think it was a lost cause.

Leslie thought we should leave a tip...pfft.  She pulled some change out of her purse and we left a note on a napkin for them.  I'm sure they appreciated it...especially the splenda we left for Carlos.

As we left we waited to see if Carlos and Devree would come and accept our offering.  I think that family that was sitting at the table we were now creepin' on thought we were a bunch of freaks, and I can't say that I blame them.  A bus boy came to our table and was about to clear our stuff away when he saw the note.  He went and got Carlos.  Carlos looked at it, and while I'm sure he found it entertaining, I thought he would at least go and get Devree so they could divide the spoils.  But he didn't.  I think that jerk pocketed all the money.  I threw a fit.  I was ready to walk back in there and yell at him in front of all the customers.  For some reason, the other girls didn't think that would be the best idea.  

Brilliant night, to say the least.

Oh, and on the way home, we spotted a drive-by smoking.


Anonymous said...

drive-by smoking? like someone that wiped their nose with the fingers that were holding their cigarette?

gerbdesign said...

hahaha! I think that your version was better than mine :) I wonder how Rachel's will put it.

Beka said...

ha ha ha oh i think hearing of this 99 cent dessert bar might quickly become the death of me. you girls are so funny!

Keisha Hendricks said...

hey pst... next time CALL ME!! i have no life in draper. literally!