Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Are Not Conceited.

So, it's March Madness time, right?  Yes.  Anyway, my family has been emailing each other our completed brackets along with these tender, humble messages.

Mom--What’s our prize???  It better be good, because this year I plan to WIN!

Me--Even though the attached bracket is going to win, I would suggest that you do not copy it.

Matthew--Okay, so here's the key for this year's madness. Feel free to compare your bracket to this one if you want to know the right answers.

Thomas--Okay sooo I once again miraculously threw together the bracket that will be honored on ESPN for the perfect bracket. I noticed that some of you peoples have tried to copy me from last year with the whole #2 seed wins it all thing (which wont happen this year), but I am the only one that will come even close to that, with my Michigan State in the championships last year but they sadly lost. Also, because stacy knows i am the type of gut that knows the future she has read my mind and has chosen the same champion as me. That was below the belt stacy, but smart all the same.

And Mom again, after seeing these messages--So sorry to all you losers out there!

Tom...Stacy definitely is cheating off of you...that was very gentlemanly to excuse her underhanded actions. I am so glad that we are NOT like SOME families and SO COMPETITIVE in nature. Dad....you still haven't told us what the prize will be...but might as well be "nuts and chews" (my favorite) or possibly a little get away...just the two of us?

Jake--Okay everyone. This is my first time ever doing this stupid Marsh Madness stuff, so I will mist likely lose.  But I do hope to WIN!!! 

I am going for Pittsburgh... 
So that's that...

Jalyn--Well, here you guys go.  The bracket that will change history.  If you so desire, you can print it out and brag to the world how amazing your sister is.  But I already have enough fans as it is.

Dad-- FYI, you get 1 point for each correct pick in the first round, and points double in each succeeding round, so that you get 32 points if you pick the winner.  (More correctly stated, I will get 32 points).

Jalyn--I approve of Dad's scoring method.  That way we will all be sure that I am the winner, no buts about it.

Mom--Wow…good thing you caught that…this way I’ll win by a much higher score!

And then of course there's Danny...
Hmm, I tried to play the misere version of march madness bracketing at work, but I got zero points in the first round, so I'm too embarrassed to show anyone my picks...

(wikipedia that...)


Love it.

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Mom said...

And it's true...we are not conceited...just weird! Thanks for letting the world know!

P.S. Just letting you know...my "final four" are still in the running:). Maybe the prize should be a 2 lb box of See's...then I could have nuts and chews and truffles...