Friday, March 26, 2010

Of All the Things I Should Be Doing, This Is Not One of Them

Not exactly sure if that title makes sense.

Bleh.  I need to write my physical science paper.  6 pages.

I need to write my human development paper. 8 pages.

I want to go to Festival of Colors tomorrow.  Human Development says, "Yeah right, Stacy."
And to Human Development, I say, "I never wanted to be your friend.  You are. The weakest link. Goodbye."
For some reason, that doesn't solve my problem.

I am now two assignments behind on my math homework.  (Thank you, Human Development test.  I always love when you do things like that...for example, prevent me from going to Festival of Colors...JERK).

Sociology presentation next Wednesday.  Totally prepared.  And by totally prepared, I mean totally unprepared.  Fortunately, that one shouldn't be too hard.

Public speaking persuasive speech next Thursday?  About that...

SIDE NOTE: When we give speeches in that class, the class members have give constructive criticism.  I got mine back from my last speech.  Favorite one reads: "Visual aid was ridiculously simple and perhaps unnecessary." Ha. Who does that?  "Ridiculously simple"--glad to be told I'm a 6-yr-old DOOFUS. Whatever, I'll find whoever wrote that and punch him in the liver.

Math test starts next Thursday.  Mildly excited for that...and you think I'm joking.  Math is seriously the highlight of my schedule.  Yes, I just said that.

I want to go to Festival of Colors.  Please don't let me get convinced to go.  I HAVE to write this paper and it HAS to be good.  We're talking very important to my final grade, here.

Well guys, this has been fun, but I should really write my physical science paper.

Oh, and postscript. My family is casually flying to Italy today.  Oh, don't worry. I'll be fine.  I'll just be writing papers, taking tests, giving speeches, and working. 

I can't see you having any more fun than me.

Human Development > Festival of Colors.
I just have to keep telling myself that.

 I mean, come on.  They don't even look like they're having fun.

This person.  

Is having fun.

At any rate, I still love my life.

Life. Is. Good.

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