Friday, January 8, 2010

"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"--Remix

I like things:

1. My family
2. My roommates
3. My home
4. My awesome parents (I realize they are included in family, but this is just an additional shout-out. "What's up, parents!")
5. My sibs (Repeat previous comment, except this time it's, "Peace out, boobs!"
6. BYU
7. My apartment
8. Rachel--because she let's the room be messy until the weekend...or occasionally two weekends, and because she understands me, she laughs at my jokes >50% of the time, she tells stupid puns, she always hangs out with Ross, she works "one Saturday a week," she can never hear my alarm clock (or her own for that matter), she supports procrastination, she works at a bowling alley, we're a good people-watching team, she knows my life story, she's got the model pose down, thinks she's a hot dancer, watched 24 with me, she let's me judge people occasionally, and so many more.
9. Sleeping
10. Dryer sheets
11. Clean clothes
12. Having a job
13. Annie and Kak--because they let me be stupid and weird and only rarely refused to claim knowing me, they let me be sarcastic and make fun of them, kak laughs at everything so I feel like I'm funny, TULAF, Kirin lovers, Calculus lover, kak enjoys the semi-regular really, really, really dumb joke, Annie's from Disappointment Island, Kak has awesome dance moves, Annie is nice and lazy and perfectly willing to admit it, Annie had the mono, the list goes on and on.
14. Togo's
15. Calculus Class
16. Ms. FISH!
17. Chocolate
18. Chick flicks
19. Summertime!
20. BYU football/Basketball
21. Facebook (who are we trying to kid, we all love it)
22. Going for walks with Rachel
23. Roommate Dinners
24. Birthdays
25. Laughing too hard
26. Mascara
27. Red Sox/A's
28. Missionaries
29. Warm coats
30. Naptime
31. Making (and finishing) music videos
32. California
33. Utah
34. Chocolate-covered raisins
35. Scarves
36. Church
37. The prophet
38. Funny people
39. Really weird people
40. Yelling random things out car windows
41. Pretending
42. Making up stories
43. Grocery stores
44. Shopping (which happens like twice a year)
45. The word "like"--I'm from CA, I can't help it.
46. Reading
47. Harry Potter/Harry Potter books/Harry Potter movies
48. 24
49. Monk
50. The Office
51. Scamming
52. Staring at people and then when they looking at me, nonchalantly pretending to be looking past them.
53. My camera
54. Understanding difficult concepts ("I'm a particle, I'm a particle. I'm a wave! I'm a wave!")
55. Not having to be in middle school/high school.
56. Being born in the 80's because then me and Rach can tell jokes about the 80's. "Oh, they probably don't understand. Only the people born in the 80's will get it."
57. Being "in my 20's" aka I'm 20. "Oh yes, back when I was a teenager..."
58. Ingrid Michaelson, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Rachel Manning's voice...psych.
59. "Rachel Manning the harpoon."
60. The word "hyphy" and all that it entails.
61. Boots "wit da fur!"
62. Thinking about when my stupid foot will get better
63. Vacation
64. YouTube
65. Quote Walls
66. Fun Facts
67. Dancing With the Stars
68. Books that have pictures
69. Pumpkin pie
70. Talking back to the television

Okay, that's all I've got for now. I like a lot more things than that, but let's not kid ourselves, approximately 3 people will read this, and 2 of them won't even make it this far, so I'm not really concerned.


Karen said...

71. Satchels!!!!!

Rachel said...

YES! i thouroughly enjoy #8 (obviously), #36/37 (obligation), #15 (obtuse; i am just trying to go with the "ob" theme. also, i'm surprised this is so high on the list), and #66. i pretty much like all of them, but those 5 stood out to me the most. Some of the numbers i don't appreciate: #12 (less time for me), #19 (unless it's in reference to this upcoming summer), #28 (ha, seeing if you're paying attention), #45 (i like do it too), and #69 (not really my thang).

Anne said...

22. oh good glad to hear you guys are lovers now.
32/33. good thing its in that order.
48. DUH! are you watching this season or are you still not caught up yet? second part of the epic 4 hour 2 night preview is tonight!!
52. i dont even pretend to not be looking at them anymore.
60. OH YES. can i tell you a funny story?! my brother has started calling money "skrill". its really hilarious and confuses my mother so. for ex jay: "k im gon go to work gon get some SKRILL!!!" mother: "what?!" me: "har har"
63. "were going to europe. again. sigh."