Thursday, January 21, 2010

Definitely Not My Week

So.  As mentioned in the title, this isn't exactly my week.  On Tuesday, Rachel was like, "Hey, could you tell me my fortune."  And I was like, "Sure."  So I got the light bulb cover down because it is conveniently shaped like a crystal ball and started using it to tell her about her future.  It was pretty depressing, to say the least.  First I found out that her two front teeth were going to start growing again and that they would never stop.  Then I told her that she was destined to be a cat lady for the rest of her life.

She got pretty upset about that.  So she took the light bulb cover and threw it at me.  She missed, but it hit the wall and broke.  Pretty sad, right?

Okay, so maybe that isn't completely true.  I was cleaning my apartment for cleaning checks.  We were trying to replace the light bulb in the living room (And yes, there were four of us).  I was screwing the cover back in and it broke.  Woo.  So, I had to go fill out a maintenance thing for that, and knowing Liberty, they're quite likely to charge me.  The thing I don't get is, why were there holes for the screws to go into.  I had no idea when to stop because the screws just press against the cover and are supposed to hold it up.  I know I'm not explaining it well, but just understand that it was annoying.

The Wednesday, I came home to find that Keisha had intentionally flooded the toilet so she could play in the water in her swimsuit with her new pet frogs.  It was a weird sight.

Okay, that's a lie, too.  I came home and used the bathroom and then the toilet flooded when I flushed it.  I promise, I didn't do anything that would make it clog.  Unlike what my little brother Thomas thought, I did not use ten-ply or rocks for my toilet paper.  He suggested that since I'm a dog, I should just drink it up.  I vetoed that idea.  So, moral of the story, it leaked into the apartment below us and soaked a lot of towels.

Lastly, this morning.  I slept through BOTH of my alarms.  I have one alarm set next to my bed and then another alarm set using my phone that is across the room so I have to get up to turn it off.  Somehow I slept through both because neither of them were off.  So, I was an hour late to work.  Good thing my boss loves me.

Meh.  It hasn't really been a bad week, it's just funny that all of them happened at once.  Oh, well.  Such is life.  I got to eat a smoothie yesterday, and we're actually starting to talk about interesting stuff in human development, so you know, life is good.

I googled pictures of frogs for the part about Keisha.  I couldn't resist.  This world is full of very interesting things.


Stacy said...

And when I say, "Why were there holes for the screws to go into," I mean "Why weren't there holes for the screws to go into."

Keisha said...

dear stacy,

one day i will fulfill your prophesy and really be sitting in a flooded toilet, in my swimming suit with my pet frogs shown on your post.


ps. mi rane sono molto in forma

Tom said...

My math teacher is a real life cat lady, I wont say her name because she will probably find out I posted this because she follows me (you know how i am with those teachers). She told us a story about how she baby sat some kids and from that point forward never wanted any kids. She then told us that that is why shes has 9 cats and is breeding them. She said they were her children. No joke. Yesterday she told us that one of her cats had ripped of some of its hair and she was considering taking the day off to care for it. She is a creeper.

Stacy said...

Oh dear, you might have the coolest teacher ever. Who breeds cats? I mean, seriously. 9 cats? Get a grip lady. And she calls them her children. Mildly disturbing. Do they at least have cool names like Bobo, Puffer, Maybe, or Gupta?

Rachel said...

Oh man, guess what I just realized? The lady in the picture you posted of "me" does not have a mullet. This whole time I thought the cat's tail was her mullet. Too bad. My imagination of the picture was waaaaay funnier than it actually is. Think about it; a MULLET, plus, nasty hair that was once died brown, but has now been allowed to be gray. haha