Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Weekend

So, as I'm sure many Utahns are aware, it's conference weekend. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't watched any of it yet. I happened to hear about ten minutes today while we were driving in the car. But, don't worry. I have a good excuse. Today was my grandpa's funeral. So, clearly it's been a ridiculously tough day, but it's been nice as well. It was very impressive that 33 of the 39 grandchildren made it to the funeral, as well as all eight of the children. It was so nice to be able to see all of my cousins and their growing families. It's weird because I haven't seen a lot of them in a long time. Half of them have had at least 17 kids since the last time I saw them.

Now we're at my sister-in-law's family's house. So, hopefully tomorrow I will repent and be able to listen to a good portion of conference. I won't lie though, I got 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night, so unless I get a good night's rest tonight, the prophet may have to wait until the November Ensign comes out for me to be able to hear his words. But I promise I'll try.

Oh, and p.s. We went to this little restaurant place and had these things called "snowies." It's basically a slurpee with ice cream in the middle. Quite scrumptious. The end.

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